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The natural answer to

moisture control


Tencel® is a natural fibre made from wood pulp. Its main feature is its ability to manage moisture. Tencel® hosts moisture inside the fibre and prevents humidity from being in direct contact with the skin, releasing it to the outside. It is said that this type of fabric is a “fabric that breathes”, because it works in a similar way to our skin functions. In addition to this incredible advantage, Tencel® is a very strong, soft and anti-bacterial fibre.


Moisture, caused by night rest sweat, become an issue that induces to continuous awakening. Most of the time protection fabrics and bed linen are able to absorb some of this moisture, but skin contact remains, so the problem persists.


With Tencel® fabric in Pikolin Home we have developed a complete line of products focused on moisture control, improving your good night sleep experience.   


TENCEL® Ultra-breathable products

Provides excellent absortion/ second skin effect.

Natural and antibacterial.

Sustainable and ecologic product.

Soft,resistant and cool.