Your good night sleep depends on choosing the duvet that will maintain an optimum temperature throughout the night. The wide variety of duvets available today on the market can leave a shopper dazed, however, making the right choice can be simplified when one knows what to look for. 


Feather and down duvets, when compared with conventional blankets, have a number of advantages. Some of the pros include its lightweight, its simple design and its versatility.


  • Light weight: feather or down duvets are soft, light and comfortable and offer the best quality of sleep.


  • Compensation and recovery: in another words, its ability to restore its original shape and volume. This element defines the quality of the duvet, for example, when comparing two duvets with the same weight, a duvet with a higher volume is considered to be of a higher quality or if looking at two similar volume products, opt for the lightest one.  


  • Thermoregulation: maintains your body temperature at a balanced temperature and protects it from feeling too hot or too cold. In comparison with feather duvets, down duvets possess higher thermoregulatory properties, creating a higher number of air chambers that avoid heat dispersion and preventing cold air from entering.


  • Adaptability: feather and down duvets naturally and without leaving any gaps adapt to your body posture.


Synthetic-filled duvets are generally filled with fiber or acryl, artificial components that, to some extent, offer a similar touch to the one of feather and down.


As a result of continuous research and development, today synthetic fibres can offer higher quality and quite similar advantages to that of natural materials. These days, synthetic duvets are soft, cosy warm, breathable and, moreover, antiallergenic. 


Currently on the market there are two types of fiber: hollow and solid. Hollow fiber, with its interior air channel, has a higher recovery ratio and it can be single-channelled or multi-channelled. Silicone treatment is generally applied to achieve a softer and more pleasant feel effect. The firmness of the material depends on type of silicone treatment that is applied.


Synthetic duvets are inherently dust mite free, can be machine-washed and, generally, are sold at reasonable prices.